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有趣的蔬菜:義大利麵瓜 Lazy bone’s pasta: Spaghetti Squash


星期六的早上做什麼好呢?忙了一週, 既想放鬆心情, 又得把平日沒有處理的家事照顧到. 對我來說, 逛農夫市集是最有意思的了!一方面可以採買下週所需的食物, 另一方面, 又可以在各式各樣的攤子之間, 享受挖寶的樂趣.

Saturday morning, a time to relax, but also a time to deal with the housework that has to be done…. What a struggle! Well, ever since I started visiting our local farmers market, my dilemma has simply disappeared! I can do the food shopping for next week while hunting for treasures amongst interesting stalls~


接近萬聖節的時間, 不只是南瓜, 在市場還可以發現許多其他的瓜類, 有的小巧且色彩繽紛, 有的則是頭好壯壯, 以體型取勝. 上一週我們在農夫市集看到一個佈置十分鮮艷的攤位, 有趣的是, 整個攤位只賣一種看來有點像冬瓜的產品義大利麵瓜 (又稱魚翅瓜), 而這些瓜全都是這位同樣衣著十分鮮艷的女士種的, 我們就暫且稱她為Maggie.

When Halloween approaches, you find pumpkins as well as many different squashes at the market- some are small and colourful with various shapes, some are simply BIG! Last week, we spotted an attractive stall which only sells one product- spaghetti squash. And these squashes are all grown by this very brightly dressed lady! Since I don’t know her name, lets call her Maggie here.

IMG_0097                         IMG_0100

Maggie 的攤位停着一輛接著拖車的自行車, 我們一開始想:她大慨住不遠, 所以一路載著她的瓜寶寶們來市場賣. 聊了一下才發現她的菜園在英格蘭西南的Somerset, 這個地方到倫敦大概有三小時車程, 哇!她真的很有心哪!雖然只有一種產品, 我們到的時候幾乎快賣光了. 比較成熟的瓜風味較深, 但子也多, 需要把子挖出來另外烤; 年輕一點的瓜, 則是除了瓜柄外的每個部分都可以吃.

Maggie’s stall has a bicycle with a trailer. We thought she does not live far in the beginning but only discovered that her allotment is actually at Somerset (3 hours drive from London) after a chat. Mmm… She really has made quite a bit of efforts to share these produce! Even she only sells one thing, by the time we saw her stall, her squashes were almost all gone. The riper ones have deeper flavour, but the seeds needs to be baked separately; apart from the pedicle, every part of the young ones can be consumed.

IMG_4902                   IMG_0099

我們躍躍欲試地買了半顆嫩瓜, 回家後把外皮沖了一下水, 淋上一些橄欖油, 放進烤箱以大約200ºC 烤個40分鐘, 就可以享用了典型的懶人食物. 烤完後的瓜肉呈現麵條(或魚翅)般一條條的質感, 對於不想吃太多米麵類食物或是吃素的人, 是增加飲食變化的好選擇; 因為它有趣的特質, 即使不喜歡吃菜的小孩們, 也很難抵抗它的吸引力. 食用時可以當成麵一般, 搭配醬汁、烤蔬菜、咖喱或燉菜一起吃. 吃不完的話, 隔天做成濃湯或混合麵粉做成炸餅應該也很可口. 我們當天晚上有一個小Party, 把瓜瓜麵就着泰式咖喱吃, 別有一番清新風味, 因為太受歡迎了, 沒有剩菜可以實驗濃湯或炸餅

We bought half a young one with excitement and just simply rinse the outer skin, sprinkle the flash with olive oil, and stick the half squash into a 200ºC oven for around 40 minutes, then it’s done! The cooked flash has the texture of spaghetti. For people who do not want to consume too much rice or pasta, spaghetti squash offers an alternative. It is a fun vegetable popular to children- even those who don’t like veggies! It goes well with various sauces, stew, curry, roast vegetables…etc.. The leftover squash can be made into soup or croquette the next day. Very versatile indeed! We served our baked squash with Thai curry in a dinner party that night and we hadn’t got enough leftovers to try out the soup or croquette!

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