liqorice allsorts

哈囉!我的筆名是什錦甘草糖, 現居倫敦, 崇尚自然生活, 熱愛倫敦所俱有豐富的藝術及文化饗宴, 同時, 也享受着和新知舊雨分享交流的樂趣. 正是因為這樣, 這個部落格誕生了!

Hello! This is Liquorice Allsorts here. I am currently living in London; loving nature and the abundance of art, music and cultural wealth London has to offer. As well as this, I particularly enjoy sharing what I love with people ! For this very reason, this blog was born!


我時常觀察着四季的變化及氣象預報而決定每天的作息. 季節, 不僅與土地相關的工不可分,也影響着我們的社交及文化生活. 古人說:晴耕雨讀. 實際上, 因為節氣的變換與萬物生長的韻律, 我們時常有 『晴也耕, 雨也耕; 晴也讀雨也讀』的狀況呢!

I love observing the change of seasons and monitoring the weather forecasts! Seasons are not only closely linked with land related work, but also influence our social and cultural life greatly. Living with the seasons in England is such an amazing experience!



喜愛旅行的朋友,以在這裡找到拜訪庭園或鄉村旅遊的資訊; 喜愛美食的朋友,可以和我一同發掘這片土地的自然風味如果你對文化有興趣,儘管我所分享的內容不見得應有盡有, 但透過市民的眼睛看城市生活會有旅遊指南上所沒有的意外發現; 如果你也和我一樣, 喜歡捻花惹草、自己種自己吃、關心土地永續發展及其他生活中大大小小的議題, 歡迎互相切磋, 共享英倫好時節~


Travellers, find your garden or country visit information here; foodies, discover the natural flavour of this wonderland with me; culture enthusiasts and event goers, I might not cover all the topics you are interested in, but it’s always worth looking at a city through its citizen’s eyes- might be surprises here and there…. If you are passionate about plants, foraging, growing stuff or caring about environmental sustainability and all sorts of issues in life like me, then we definitely have to share our experiences with each other~


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